Sunday, October 4, 2009

Joe Wilson Nailed It

Rep Joe Wilson NAILED it last night when he rose up and called Obama a Liar! Someone on the right FINALLY had the balls to stand up and tell the emperor that he had no clothes on. BTW Libs, where was this outrage when scumbags booted Bush when Obama was being immaculated on 20 Jan 09? Why hasn't Rangel been punished for TAX EVASION yet? Why hasn't Murtha been punished for slandering the troops and WHY hasn't that lawsuit AGAINST HIM been settled yet? What about Steny's directing an 18 MILLION dollar contract to his buddy Muhammed Juvaid and Smartronix of Maryland for a Federal Website? How about the MASSIVE Conyers scandal and scams? W T F Pelosi?

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