Monday, October 5, 2009

Obama's National Healthcare

. President Obama says our Country needs National Healthcare. Anyone involved in healthcare knows this will lead to rationing. There simply isn’t enough doctors and services to treat us all, especially if it is free and the public utilities it every time they feel ill. This is exactly why insurance companies require copays. Wikipedia sums it up; “it is thought to prevent people from seeking medical care that may not be necessary (eg: an infection by the common cold)”. As National Healthcare begins to be over utilized, rationing becomes necessary and another right of the Patients’ Bill of Rights must be eliminated. The right to be informed of all treatment options. Let’s take a look at the future. Mr. Jones is diagnosed with cancer. It is in early stages and an operation would be his best chance of survival. Mr. Jones, well as many more have received early diagnosis of lung cancer which has improved their chance of survival, but the surgery centers are overloaded. His doctor knows his cancer will progress into the advance stage before he can get into one of the surgery centers. Mrs. Smith was able to get a less effective surgery known as VATS two months ago, but those centers are now overloaded as well. He is required by the Bill of Patients’ rights to discuss all of the options with Mr. Jones, but knows the two best are not really options. How long do you think it will take Mr. Jones to be on his phone to his congressman? I am not advocating letting a little boy die, I am just rebelling against taking away his right to choose his own healthcare. Our government now has legal precedents to break the Bill of Patients’ rights. It took years to get these rights and with one little boy, it is now almost worthless. We now have one less tool to fight our government dictating our health.

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  1. You PLAGIARIZED this post from the comment of this post here:

    It's a DIRECT cut and paste of Chris Shirey's comment! With original spelling mistake! "especially if it is free and the public utilities it every time they feel ill." What would the public be utiliting? Electric, gas or maybe WATER!

    YOU DOLT! It should be UTILIZING! If you're going to STEAL someone's WORDS, AT LEAST correct the spelling mistakes!

    I shouldn’t expect anything more…you ARE a THIEF, after all.