Tuesday, November 10, 2009

National Healthcare The Obama Way

Obama only cares about his health bill right now. Obviously it's a lot worse than we know since I'm sure most of you haven't read the 2,000 page take over of the American people's healthcare. He won't do anything until it passes. He won't decide on Afghanistan until health bill is passed or preferably killed. He is gauche and he doesn't have any empathy, so he doesn't want to go to Ft. hood. He wouldn't have a clue of how to behave and what to say.
I served during Carter's disastrous Presidency. And I know how the people felt during the Clinton administration . And much worse how the people feel now under the present Kenyan’s administration. I was ashamed to say that Carter was my Commander in Chief, I was obligated to follow his orders. The words stuck in my throat. I’m sure that the Soldiers all over the world today understand.

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