Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pelosi’s Health Care Bill

Nancy Pelosi's newest health-care reform plan that she is sneaking in her 2,000 page bill House would do more than regulate just insurance companies – it would even regulate vending machines. The bill, which is posted online, would require that vending machine operators either create new machines that allow the customer to view nutrition facts or post nutritional information for each product near ''each article of food or the selection button.'' The regulation could wind up costing vendors

I would prefer a bill that requires all Congress critters to wear a label listing their IQ from a standard test, college grades and how much they earned in private employment and in what positions. Queen Pelosi's would be mostly blank.
Don't you kind of get the feeling that when Obama, Pelosi & Company get done with this ridiculous bill every single industry will be under the control of the government and that there will be no private companies left! ... But that is exactly what they want, they want ALL industries to be under government control.
And that is what is known as SOCIALISM!

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